The SEDI Rental Program

The Superior Exhibits Rental Program includes varied, quality-built, and highly flexible exhibit properties, which also encompass deck and double-deck solutions. Many of our clients utilize our rental properties in their current booths. Whether you are a small company, or a corporate giant...our rental options can provide a very cost-effective alternative for your exhibit needs and still allow for a unique creative look.


CUSTOMIZED Rental Deck Solutions:

- Basic (Standard) Deck

- Basic + Custom (added elements allow for   more flexible design solutions)

- Cost-Effective to meet your price range

- No Storage Fees

- Optional Banners Available

Rental Program and Rental Properties
Whether you need a totally new booth, or just parts and pieces to blend with your existing properties, we provide
you with many choices in all categories.

Take a quick look (above) at just a few examples of our selection. Mix and match various properties, or choose from one
of our many rental kits, rental decks or rental double-deck options (some examples shown above)... and discover
a variety of cost-saving alternatives to your exhibit needs.